• Flowers

    A collection of vivid, brilliant-colored flowers. From beautiful purples to neon pinks and warm reds and oranges to soft yellows and whites. You're bound to find something here to cover your bathroom walls.

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  • Sunsets

    Beautiful sunsets from across fields, lakes, rivers, and all types of landscapes. Deep blues and fire reds fill the skies as the horizons take on brilliant rich colors and silhouettes contrast against the incredible colors of all the seasons.

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  • Black & White

    A vast collection of Black & White images of abstract beach images to winter wonderlands. From nature and farm buildings to cityscapes you will definitely find fine art photography that will be worth hanging on any of your walls.

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  • Nature & Landscape

    Beautiful images of nature and the great outdoors as well as fine art landscapes in vibrant, vivid colors.

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About Me

My photography journey began three years ago when I had to pause my career as a chef due to health issues. The restaurant industry was taking a toll on me, and I needed a way to relieve stress. Photography became the perfect outlet, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover my natural talent for it. Now, after taking thousands of shots and honing my editing skills, I'm proud of what I've achieved in my newfound hobby. It's an honor to share my journey and showcase my work. I hope you enjoy my photos and, if you do, please support me by leaving a comment or purchasing a print. Thank you for stopping by. - Derek

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